Something Old, Something New: Recycling Part of the Work on CitySquare

 WORCESTER, MA – by Priyanka Dayal/Telegram & Gazette

“Most of the sprawling parking garage is gone, but parts of it will live on. The steel beams that once held up the Foster Street garage, part of CitySquare, may become new cars that one day drive the streets of Worcester.  They may become soup cans. Or new beams for a new structure. So far, the demolition of the long-defunct Worcester Commons Outlets mall has brought down 4,000 tons—or 8 millions pounds—of steel.  All of it will be recycled.”

“The recycling and dumping of building materials like steel is just one of the many pieces that make up the CitySquare redevelopment project, a massive demolition and construction effort taking place in the heart of New England’s second-largest city.”

“Leggat McCall and Consigli Construction Co. of Milford are partway through a $110 million job that includes tearing down something old, building something new and doing it without disrupting people or traffic. Since demolition began months ago, workers have hacked away parts of the vacant mall and demolished more than two-thirds of the parking garage that divides Union Station and City Hall. In recent days, they started laying the foundation for the new glass office building that will house disability insurer Unum Group.”

“It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to work on a project that will have such a significant influence on a community,” Matthew Consigli, vice president of Consigli Construction, said in an email. “We are fortunate to play a role in this project because we understand what it means to the Worcester area.”

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Courtesy of Telegram & Gazette