We need qualified subcontractor teams to deliver on all our commitments to our clients. We consider subcontractors to be our partners and strive to cultivate relationships that are based on respect, trust and integrity. As we continue to build for our valued clients and also advance into new markets, Consigli is seeking to expand our roster of pre-qualified subcontractors to invite into the bidding process for specific projects.

If you think your firm is a good fit for the types of projects performed by Consigli, we invite you to submit your qualifications.

Step One: Let Us Know Who You Are 

Email and provide your company name, contact person and email address.

Step Two: Receive Request

A request to complete Consigli’s prequalification will be sent to the contact through iSqFt.

Step Three: Complete Prequal

Complete and submit the prequal form on iSqFt. Information you will be asked for includes:

  • Organization information
  • Safety & Quality Information
  • References
  • Surety Letter
  • Sample Insurance Certificate
  • OSHA 300A Logs
  • Documentation of Worker’s Comp EMR
  • Financial Statements

Step Four: Receive invitations to Bid work with Consigli