AbbVie Inc.

Project: Antibody Drug Conjugation Suite
Location: Worcester, MA
Architect: Jacobs

This expansion of AbbVie’s facility was the transformation of an existing production lab into a new Antibody Drug Conjugation Suite. The project required major mechanical upgrades to support the need for working with highly-potent compounds, while maintaining a safe working environment. The scope included the installation of multiple independent HEPA air filtration units designed to isolate hazardous compounds in the environment and provide localized control of elements in the workspace.

The project also included the installation of a mist booth, bioreactor, biosafety cabinet, and isolator. In order to support the new equipment, several new validated and non-validated utilities, such as clean steam, glycol, nitrogen and IA/PA, were piped to panels in the room. Structural modifications were completed to create an ISO 7 airlock.

  • Mitigated construction adjacent to ISO 7 clean rooms
  • Installed significant process piping, qualified controls, and mechanical upgrades to support product development with highly hazardous materials
  • Repurposed three decontamination tanks for removal of waste from within the facility, to a truck loadout station on the building’s exterior