Bringing a builder’s perspective.

The decisions made in the preliminary phases of design have the greatest impact on the overall success of each project.  Key decisions-structural systems, façade options, renovation phasing plans, sustainable options, or building reuse methods-can significantly impact constructability, cost, schedule, and quality in the construction phase.  That’s why we are firm believers that a Construction Manager is needed at the table during pre-construction. Consigli brings a builder’s perspective to pre-construction, with the skills to analyze every project component from all angles, in terms of cost, schedule, quality, durability, and sustainability, to help our clients achieve a final design that provides the best long-term value for the established budget.

With Consigli engaged for pre-construction on the vast majority of our projects, we have developed a team of estimators who are particularly skilled at developing complete and accurate estimates from early designs.  Our estimating team also works closely with our Project Services Group, a cross-disciplinary team of professionals focused exclusively on pre-construction. With specialists in Building Information Modeling (BIM), pre-construction planning, scheduling, mechanical services, sustainability, and document review, our estimating services are backed by a full range of pre-construction expertise to ensure a smooth and successful construction phase.