Mass Timber

Advancing Timber Solutions

As genuine builders, Consigli manages the most complex, innovative projects while incorporating the most sustainable building solutions—including Mass Timber. We have been procuring and installing timber projects long before Mass Timber became a buzz word, coordinating and managing more than twenty projects incorporating timber solutions.

We are working with research institutions, universities and testing laboratories locally and globally to advance Mass Timber as a building material in the Northeast. We are on the forefront of new product developments and advanced methods of manufacturing, fabricating, engineering and building with Mass Timber. And, we can install it ourselves. Consigli’s self-perform mass timber installation and protection capabilities give us added control over schedule, quality and continuity of installation because we are that much closer to the product.

Backed by our in-house Virtual Design & Construction, Pre-fabrication and Lean Project Delivery resources, our timber solution experts bring industry-leading knowledge to solve the most complex timber projects.

Integrated Solutions & Services

  • Design-Assist Collaboration with Owners & Architect/Engineer of Record
  • Structural Engineering & Delegated Design Solutions
  • Virtual Design & Construction to Support Critical Coordination
  • Laser Scanning Coordination of Foundations & As-Built Conditions
  • Local & Global Strategic Material Sourcing
  • Multi-source CLT, DLT, NLT & Glued-laminated (Glulam) Procurement
  • Fabrication Service Procurement
  • Layout, Installation & Erection
  • Final Finishing, Repairs & Modifications