Our Self-Perform Division.

As Consigli’s overall project scopes grow in size and complexity, we have established a dedicated in-house self-perform division called: RIGGS.

With a team of dedicated tradespeople that have been with Consigli for many years, Riggs performs the same in-house trades for our clients with a more focused approach. As a separate division, Riggs provides additional management and oversight that allow for growth and better cost, schedule, safety and quality control for our clients.

Client Benefit:

  • Cost Control: Because we can do the work ourselves, we have a better understanding of what it costs. This results in better pricing for the client, whether we self-perform or subcontract.
  • Schedule Control: With our own forces, we have a strong additional resource to call upon to get work done on time. Rather than compete with other builders for a subcontractor’s labor, we have our own team to perform the work. Should the need arise, Riggs will also have the ability to supplement underperforming subcontractors on a project. This  can make the difference when it comes to a challenging schedule.
  • Safety & Quality Control: When we staff a job, all of the key players, including foremen and field managers, are Riggs employees. Most have been  with Consigli for many years, and they share our standards for quality. We put a strong emphasis on training and continuing education to make sure  that our staff are well-trained in the most up-to-date and efficient methods and materials.
  • Continuity: We dedicate key tradespeople to a project for its duration. This prevents variances in quality and avoids time-consuming re-education of new personnel. In controlling cost, schedule, and quality, continuity is a key factor.

Self-Perform Services:

  • Site Work
  • Concrete
  • Rough Carpentry
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Masonry
  • Masonry Repair & Restoration