We are true builders.

While most of today’s construction managers completely outsource their work to subcontractors, Consigli remains strongly committed to the benefits of self-performance with over 300 carpenters, laborers and masons on staff. This distinction keeps us very close to the actual building process: we can better plan and manage your project because we know what it takes to build it in the field.

Our ability to tap into the expertise of trusted Consigli craftsmen also enables us to take on some of the most complex projects in the region. Using our specialized in-house crews gives us the confidence and resources to tackle project challenges such as one-of-a-kind designs, sensitive occupied renovations, detailed preservation efforts, and fast-track schedules-we know we can deliver because we know who is doing the work.

Whether we perform work with our own forces or utilize proven subcontractors, our hands-on builder’s perspective provides our clients with an added level of cost, schedule and quality control throughout the project.