Vassar Names New Building for Dr. Aronzon

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With operations set to start by the end of June, the new building at Vassar Brothers Medical Center’s City of Poughkeepsie campus was full of people today, but for celebration, not yet surgery.

The key news of the day was that the center will have a familiar name on it as the Daniel Z. Aronzon, M.D., Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Dr. Aronzon retired last year as president and CEO of Vassar after a long career with the hospital in various capacities, starting as a physician with the Children’s Medical Group in 1979.

The four-story 103,000-square-foot center is nearly done, though some items remain to be completed, including installation of equipment and finishing of some of the office suites. Certifications from government health agencies will also be needed.

The building will add four operating rooms to Vassar’s existing ones, bringing the total to 17. These are for same-day surgery, an increasingly popular approach for simpler procedures that do not require overnight or long stays in the hospital.

Aronzon, in accepting the honor of having the center named for him, suggested a worthy new goal would be planning yet another building, a patient wing, so that every patient could have a private room.

Rob Dyson, president of the Dyson Foundation and head of the capital campaign for this project, introduced Aronzon, calling him “an individual who has had an enormous influence on this community” and a “primary mover” in the current project.

The building is the main part of a $65 million project that includes other improvements like a new parking deck.

With the expansion of office space on the first three floors of the center, more physicians can be attracted and more jobs will result, either with the hospital itself or at the medical practices. Vassar’s estimate is that it will add 250 permanent jobs.

More operating rooms will help in recruiting surgeons, too. The existing facilities are heavily booked and some surgeries must be scheduled for late hours that are popular with no one.

The recently completed Daniel Z. Aronzon, M.D., Ambulatory Surgery Center was built by Kirchhoff-Consigli Construction Management and designed by Steffian Bradley Architects.

The Poughkeepsie Journal, Craig Wolf