Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities in the Northeast are distinguished by their campuses, with eclectic collections of buildings of all ages, architectural styles and program uses. Browsing through Consigli’s college & university portfolio, you’ll see why we have gained a reputation as a full service campus builder. We have built, renovated or restored just about every type of campus structure. Our experience also includes a full range of campus uses and program areas including residence halls, classrooms, dining facilities, research laboratories, athletic complexes, museums, libraries, performing arts facilities, administrative spaces, religious facilities and lecture halls.

Through our experience on 50 college campuses, we recognize that every campus is different and every project brings a unique set of challenges. With Consigli, you benefit from a construction partner who comes to the table ready to listen. We will gain an understanding of your specific requirements to develop a customized approach that will ensure the overall success of your project while maintaining safe and smooth campus operations at all times.

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