Successful projects start with the right decisions.

Consigli brings a strong sense of accountability to the pre-construction process, with the decisions made in the earliest stages of the design having the greatest impact on the overall success of a project. We believe it is our responsibility to provide our clients with all the tools they need to make the timely and informed decisions as the project progresses into the construction phase.

At Consigli, pre-construction is not just estimating. While solid estimating is the foundation of our pre-construction services, we believe our clients need a much more comprehensive approach to help guide them to the right solutions.  Our estimators are backed by a team of in-house specialists in pre-construction services, including pre-construction planning, M/E/P services, scheduling, logistics, building information modeling (BIM) and sustainability, to provide our clients with a strong combination of expertise to thoroughly analyze all aspects of the project. Our teams build, and rebuild, the project on paper throughout the pre-construction process to identify and resolve all potential risks well in advance of construction.