Project Delivery Approaches

Unique challenges,  flexible approaches.

There is not a ‘one size fits all’ method to deliver projects. Each project has its unique set of challenges and risks that need to be evaluated to determine the best solution. Consigli Construction Co., Inc. is well versed in variety of delivery methods, bringing the flexibility to serve as your construction partner under a variety of contract forms and team relationships.

But no matter which method our clients choose, they can be assured that we are fully accountable to deliver on all our commitments for a predictable, successful project. We have the capability and experience to provide construction services via several different delivery methods, including:

Construction Management at Risk:

The majority of our projects are procured through a CM at Risk process, which typically includes a complete range of pre-construction services, the development of a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for project costs through an open-book process, procurement and management of subcontractors, and a dedicated team providing full oversight in the field.


To pursue design/build projects, we partner with independent design firms who bring the specialized expertise to respond to project requirements.  We have experience with a variety of design/build methods, including teaming with an architect in a negotiated design/build competition, as well as forming a design/build team to submit competitive pricing proposals from bridging documents.

General Contracting:

We provide general contracting services on a lump-sum bid basis for the right projects, ensuring competitive pricing through a combination of pre-qualified subcontractors and our own self-performed workforce.

Turnkey Developments: 

Through our exclusive partnerships with our affiliated companies, Kirchhoff Campus Properties and Kirchhoff Medical Properties, we can provide our clients with turnkey solutions for student housing and medical facilities.