Emma Willard School

Project: Sage Tower
Location: Troy, NY
Architect: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Restoration of the moisture-damaged 150-year old limestone Sage Tower, an historic icon located at the heart of this leading college-prep boarding school for girls, involved careful removal and cataloguing of over 3,000 bricks for reassembly.

  • To prevent reoccurrence of damage to the structural integrity of the tower, a cavity wall system was designed to allow moisture to escape.
  • Work also involved the installation of a solid reinforced, grouted concrete masonry unit (CMU) back-up wall, waterproofing, new copper flashing and new veneer stones.
  • Consigli self-performed all masonry work, including the meticulous filling of joints with raised beads of mortar, which were photographed and reviewed daily with the owner and architect.