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Consigli and ARC Complete Cutting-Edge STEM Center at Eagle Hill School

HARDWICK, MA – Consigli Construction Co., Inc. in partnership with ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge and A.T. Leonard & Associates gathered to celebrate the ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony for Eagle Hill School’s new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Center, a 39,000 square-foot renovation and new building construction.

The STEM Center was a 13-month long project to fulfill Eagle Hill School’s mission to evolve its teaching philosophy and move to a space that would encourage flexibility and collaboration. The Center’s construction required the gut renovation of the existing Greenwich Hall, which required the removal of 20,000 cubic yards of material, and the creation of a new three-story, steel-framed building with an 80-foot, single story connector between the two structures.

Eagle Hill School’s STEM will encompass Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, as well as dedicated space for innovation and entrepreneurialism. In recognition of the way our kids learn and, more importantly, thrive, this space will create an imaginative, collaborative, and cutting-edge space for them to expand their academic experience while developing professional and technical acumen.

Students will encounter independent learning opportunities, projects encompassing multiple subject areas, and hands-on work at a new level of engagement and discovery.

Additionally, the project will include a revitalization of existing academic buildings, moving away from basic and restrictive classroom layout to a format more in concert with the School’s teaching philosophy. Openness, flexible spaces and enhanced social areas will define the academic experience and class day.

“This project is an example of how schools can adapt to the educational needs of today’s students by transforming their physical spaces to support innovation and creativity,” said Jody Staruk, project executive at Consigli Construction. “We hope the students and faculty at Eagle Hill School continue to find different ways to make use of this new space for years to come.”

“We appreciate the Consigli Construction project team for their commitment in helping us achieve modernized models of teaching by augmenting our existing spaces to encourage our students to cultivate their professional and technical skills,” said Eagle Hill School’s Head of School PJ McDonald. “Our teachers are eager to see our students make use of the new center and develop their STEM knowledge and skills.”

“In working with Architectural Resources Cambridge (ARC) and A.T. Leonard & Associates (ATL) on the design of the new STEM center, Eagle Hill talked a lot about “learning diversity,” the school’s approach to learning that privileges individuation, emergence, and adhocracy. One of the first principles ARC introduced was transparency between the classrooms, offices, maker spaces, labs and common areas. The new STEM center is not only beautifully designed but captures that vision of the adjacent possible, encouraging interesting converse with the idea next door and down the hall,” stated Michael Riendeau, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs.

“Designing this project for the students of Eagle Hill School involved ongoing engagement with the school’s faculty and staff to redefine the academic experience,” said Jan Taylor, associate principal with ARC. “The new PJM STEM Center encompasses Eagle Hill’s learning philosophy and provides the flexibility and openness to encourage innovation and project-based learning.”