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Consigli Builds Largest Thai Buddhist Temple in the U.S.

Construction Today’s Jan/Feb cover story features a unique $60 million project built to honor King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, also known as King Rama IX, who was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. “There are not very many contractors that can say they worked on a building that has the full blessing of Thailand’s royal family, literally and figuratively. Consigli Construction Co., Inc. will be able to make that claim later this year when it completes construction of the largest Thai Buddhist temple outside of Thailand in Raynham, Mass.”

The steel-framed, precast and limestone building, topped by a golden steeple, will soar to 185 feet. In addition to serving as a place of worship and reflection, the temple will serve as a place for community events, with a large meeting room that can accommodate up to 700 people.

Link to PDF of Construction Today, January/February 2013 issue, “A Place of Honor”, by Jim Harris.

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