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Consigli Construction and Keystone Plus Awarded Washington D.C. Friendship Public Charter School Project

WASHINGTON D.C. – Consigli Construction Co., Inc. and Keystone Plus will kick off the construction of a new middle school this summer at Friendship Public Charter School in Ward 8, a community in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington D.C. The charter middle school will be new ground-up construction, span approximately 35,000 square feet, and stand three stories tall. Additional construction work at Friendship includes a new gym, a parking area and an elementary school playground that is anticipated to be completed in time for the 2020/2021 academic year.

For this project at Friendship, Consigli has joint-ventured with Keystone Plus Construction Corporation, which is headquartered in Ward 8 near the Friendship campus. Carlos Perdomo, chief executive officer and president of Keystone, has had a long-standing relationship with Consigli’s D.C. Director of Operations, Eric Tievy. Their relationship helped establish a strategic partnership between Consigli and Keystone in the D.C. market as a commitment to engage with the local community on both the subcontractor level as well as the local workforce level to build the school. Consigli and Keystone will also partner with Michael Marshall Design on the school’s design.

“This exciting, transformative project will address a significant community need to improve the learning conditions for young students in the Ward 8 community,” said Tievy. “The new Friendship Public Charter middle school will be the result of bridging community input with local execution, and we are looking forward to working with our D.C. partners to build facilities for students to learn and thrive for years to come.”

“As a local, small business enterprise based in Ward 8, we could not be more excited and are looking forward to working on this important academic project in our own neighborhood,” said Carlos Perdomo, chief executive officer and president of Keystone Plus. “We’ve been able to learn from Consigli over the years, and now with its added resources, our partnership is able to focus on projects that will have a direct impact on the community’s needs. Friendship Public Charter is an important initiative that we’re grateful to be a part of.”

Consigli will also have two alumni of Friendship Public Charter School working as interns on the project. One is Latrice Black, an alumna of Friendship and a recent winner of ACE Mentor Program of D.C.’s Women in Construction Alumni Scholarship, who joined Consigli in the summer of 2018. The other is Fabian Pineda, a 2019 graduate of Friendship who also joined Consigli through the ACE Mentor Program of D.C.