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Consigli Construction and Springfield Technical Community College Break Ground on Student Learning Commons

SPRINGFIELD, MA – Officials from Springfield Technical Community College (STCC), the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM), Consigli Construction Co., Inc., and Ann Beha Architects broke ground this week on construction of the STCC Student Learning Commons.

The ambitious project marks a significant step forward for STCC, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary year. The renovated building will become the center of campus life on a site that was once a storehouse for supplies. Now called Building 19, the 100,000-square-foot structure will become the STCC Student Learning Commons.

The goal of the renovation is to combine the school’s student administrative services, library and social spaces all under one roof in a newly restored space. With an anticipated opening date of fall 2018, the Student Learning Commons will honor the past while embracing new energy-efficient technology.

Matthew Consigli, President of Consigli Construction, said, “We have a passion for restoration projects that revitalize historic places, turning them into modern spaces that have a lasting impact on the communities that they serve like Building 19 at STCC. This new facility will provide a crucial need for STCC so that it may continue to provide its students with the high-quality education that it has become known for.”

“We are thrilled with this project given that upwards of 17 student services and resources now land under this one roof.  The Learning Commons should have a dramatic impact on the student experience here at the college,” STCC President Dr. John B. Cook said.

Carol Gladstone, Commissioner of DCAMM, said, “The Building 19 project will provide a consolidation of student services eliminating the ‘STCC shuffle,’ as it is referred to by students.  This project supports access to education and making it easier to find services that support student success and achievement. We at DCAMM are happy that the character of the building and its place on campus is preserved, while accommodating the necessary modern upgrades.”

Philip Chen AIA, LEED AP, Principal at Ann Beha Architects, said, “We are excited about the opportunity to transform this remarkable historic building and site into a vibrant and needed resource for STCC, and a new center for student services and student life on campus.”

The renovations and modern additions to the expansive building will include the integration of all new systems into the historic fabric, masonry restoration and replacement of more than 200 historic windows.

The 700-foot-long building will house essential student resources and services, including advising, tutoring, career services, the library, a café and more. The Student Learning Commons will serve about 8,000 students.

The project will include the coordination of multiple historic agencies including the National Parks Service and the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Archaeologists will be required throughout the project.

STCC is targeting LEED Silver Certification for the building, and the project will engage STCC students and staff in internships and hands-on learning opportunities. Construction will last about 24 months and will cost about $50 million.

DCAMM is funding the project and overseeing construction. The Student Learning Commons was designed by Ann Beha Architects. Consigli Construction is the construction management firm in charge of the project.