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Consigli Construction Co., Inc. Completes Renovation of Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building

PORTLAND, ME –  The first major renovation of the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building and Courthouse in Bangor, Maine has been completed by Consigli Construction Co., Inc. of Portland, Maine.

The conversion of the 1960’s era facility into a High Performance Green Building (HPGB) for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) included a new plaza and central entry pavilion with new security features built into the architecture.

When construction began in 2010, the nearly vacant building was operating with much of its original, outdated building systems. No significant changes had been made to the structure since the building’s construction more than forty years ago.

“As a result of these substantial renovations, the federal court in Bangor is now able to serve the public more efficiently and effectively”, said Chief Judge John Woodcock, U.S District Court of Maine. “Remarkably, the architect, contractor, and subcontractors accomplished these major renovations while the Court was in session, with minimal disruption to its proceedings.”

Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the building modernization project recaptured approximately 42,000 rentable square feet, allowing expansion room for current, new and future tenants.

The sustainable design and construction updates are predicted to reduce energy use in the building by approximately 68%.  Some of the new features that make this a High Performance Green Building include a geothermal heating and cooling plant, photovoltaic solar array, micro turbine, controllable energy-efficient lighting, a rainwater collection and irrigation system and replacement of all windows.

Over the course of three years, the renovation involved more than 500 local trades and construction personnel including project managers, engineers, superintendents, architects, administrative and accounting personnel and other building and design specialists.  In addition, more than 60 local subcontractors and suppliers were contracted over the duration of the work.

The core project team included:

  • exp.U.S. Services, Inc. (formerly Teng and Associates), Chicago, IL – Design Architect 
  • Consigli Construction Co., Inc., Portland, ME – Construction Contractor (CMc)  
  • Coast & Harbor Associates, Lynnfield, MA – Construction Management (CMa)  
  •  Jacobs Project Mgt Co., Boston, MA – Commissioning 


Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building and Courthouse Entry Pavilion Photo by Christopher Barnes Photography

Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building and Courthouse Entry Pavilion
Photo by Christopher Barnes Photography