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Consigli Construction Co., Inc. Named One of the Healthiest Companies in America

MILFORD, MA –  Consigli Construction Co., Inc. (Consigli) announced today its national recognition as one of the “Healthiest Companies in America” by Interactive Health, the country’s leading provider of health management solutions.  As one of 158 honorees from more than 1300 participating companies across the United States—and the only Massachusetts company—Consigli is recognized for embracing the mission of implementing life-changing preventative health care in the workplace.

“We believe our employees are our most valuable asset, and our commitment to their well-being is a priority.  Incorporating a robust preventative care initiative into our company culture has helped shift the way our people look at their health and positively supports our company culture of safety and overall wellness,” said Consigli’s president, Anthony Consigli.

The “Healthiest Companies in America” award is given to select organizations across the nation that have helped transform—and even save—the lives of employees by offering wellness programs that combine thorough health evaluations with fast, personalized results.  With the help of these strategic, flexible initiatives, winning organizations like Consigli have accomplished tremendous success in moving employees from high-risk health status to lower risk and achieving remarkably high employee participation.

“These winners are improving health outcomes throughout America,” said Cathy Kenworthy, president and CEO of Interactive Health. “Working with our company, preventive care programs are about much more than just losing weight or quitting smoking – they are a catalyst to transform the way people look at health, well-being and their lives overall. Heathiest Companies in America winners exemplify the long-term positive effects comprehensive wellness programs can have on the health status of large populations.”

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