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Consigli Experts on Innovative Delivery Methods and Technology Trends

Consigli specialists in Lean Construction and BIM, Kimberley Maul and Andrew Deschenes, recently lent their expertise to a discussion of building industry trends published in Constructor Magazine

As Consigli implements Lean Construction principles throughout the company, Maul explains, “We want to take a look at processes, understand where the value is, and streamline that value.”  One way to streamline the building process is through prefabrication.  “It allows us to put people in a safer environment and minimize waste,” adds Maul.

Consigli also uses Autodesk’s BIM 360 Field app to streamline the construction process.  The program allows project personnel in the field to manage data via iPads and mobile devices, reducing document wait times and providing both project management personnel and the owner real-time updates on the project.  Improved processes and technology can do more than just help construction managers. 

Deschenes says, “A major trend in 2014 and ’15 is a huge improvement in the quality of close-out documents we provide to the owner and the facilities management deliverable.  We can link all of the project information (an operations manual, as-built documents or training videos) that an owner thinks is important to maintain the facility afterwards to a mobile NavisWorks model.”  Using the app, owners will then have the ability to find information about the equipment or fixtures in their building by scanning a barcode and having the record appear on their iPad right away. This ensures that the owner is not only happy with the building process, but also with the end result years down the road. 

Quotes excerpted from Constructor, Jan/Feb 2014, “On the Bright Side,” by Debra Wood.