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Consigli Joins National Sustainability Pilot Program

MILFORD, MA – Consigli has signed on to BuildingGreen’s Contractors’ Commitment to Sustainable Building Practices—a nationwide pilot program that provides guidance and tracking standards for sustainability measures in the construction industry. Consigli is one of the first firms to join the program, which requires a commitment to measuring sustainability efforts across at least 30% of the company’s projects.

“Consigli is committed to setting an example for how the construction industry should approach sustainability,” says Director of Sustainability Steven Burke, LEED & WELL Faculty. “We have a significant opportunity to change how our projects impact the environment. Our participation in The Contractors’ Commitment will help define the framework for others to make those adjustments, too.”

The Contractors’ Commitment provides guidance in five categories: carbon reduction, jobsite wellness, waste management, water management, and material selection. Each category provides actionable items that contractors can implement, along with clear, measurable ways to track progress. It uses a tiered approach with recommended tactics for achieving “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” management practices.

Consigli’s participation in the pilot program will also require sharing of successes, challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities to ensure other contractors are able to build a strong foundation for their own sustainability programs.