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Consigli YWCA Project Featured in Fast Company Magazine

MILFORD, MA – Consigli’s all-women project team provided a unique—and welcome—perspective during the renovation of the YWCA in Worcester, Massachusetts.

“Staruk says these are all signs that the construction industry is starting to evolve. A women-led management team is certainly uncommon, she concedes, but filling the top roles with women wasn’t a gimmick. “It wasn’t just that we had one woman in each individual role,” Staruk says. “I had several women that I could pick from. So not only could we choose women to ensure this was an entirely female management team—it was also a diverse pool of women.”

Fast Company Magazine sat down with Consigli’s first women Project Executive, Jody Staruk to discuss “What a $17Mil Renovation Looks Like When Women Lead the Construction.”

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Consigli recently completed the Recapitalization and Renovation of the YWCA Central Massachusetts, Inc. with a commitment of a 100-percent women-led construction management team as a part of the city’s first community benefit agreement.

The comprehensive renovation to this mid-century modern facility, originally built in 1961 and most recently renovated in 1995. The project addressed deferred maintenance needs including M/E/P and accessibility upgrades, modernization of the interior finishes, repair of the building facade, updates to the existing playground and parking and traffic flow improvements. Throughout pre-construction, the Consigli team worked with the Owner, Architect and Owner’s Project Manager to re-sequence the project, cutting four months out of the schedule and reducing construction costs by 15% without sacrificing the mission and goals of the YWCA.