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Driving Speed-to-Market Value as the Single-Source Builder

Booming Life Science Innovations Demand Fast-Track Schedules

Whether developing the next great discovery in the lab or delivering a lifesaving treatment, speed-to-market value is shared by many success stories in the life science industry. Speed-to-market is a key differentiator for life science research and manufacturing so hiring a single-source builder enables these companies to meet growing demands.

Consigli and Related Beal partnered together for the construction of a four-story structure and concurrent fit-out of R&D, cGMP and office/amenity spaces for Vertex Pharmaceuticals Cell & Genetic Therapies Facility. While the projects were managed separately with teams focused solely on delivering for their respective client, we were able to identify efficiencies benefiting all parties.

From the onset of pre-construction, we partnered with the core/shell and fit-out teams during joint scheduling meetings leading to a strong alignment of project goals, streamlined communication and early decision-making for critical building components.

Working collaboratively was critical in leveraging the advantages which included:

Early Tenant Input
Vertex was able to give input while the core/shell was being built which ensured minimal rework of building components. For instance, they chose common areas finishes to align with their overall design. This enabled informed decision making during design, reducing the need for value engineering.

M/E/P/F/P And Structural Coordination
The extensive coordination between core/shell and fit-out teams decreased a substantial amount of rework and demolition by finding structural modifications prior to installation as well as leveraging installation and tie-ins of mechanical and electrical systems. For example, we were able to have a seamless RAHU installation because we coordinated all the roof drains and tie off anchors, set slab penetrations for ductwork prior to concrete pours, and installed hangers prior to thermal spray insulation.

Design-Assist Procurement
Consigli solicited pricing for Design-Build M/E/P/FP partners during Schematic Design phase (SD) as opposed to waiting to Construction Documents (CD). Due to this strategic approach, Consigli and our Design-Build M/E/P/FP partners were able to lock in market pricing early and drive the design to a targeted value. This provided a schedule advantage for coordination of systems and upfront cost certainty. These measures allowed the ownership group to make informed decisions at an early stage in the design.

Integration of Pre-fabricated Cleanroom
The project team is prefabricating a modular cleanroom where Vertex will create its cell & gene therapies. During the core/shell construction, we were able to start the modular cleanroom earlier than normal, which will allow ample time for successful validation procedures.

Full PDF here: Driving Speed-to-Market Value as the Single-Source Builder_Consigli_April 2021