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Easing Into Industrialized Construction

Here at Consigli, we take pride in the craftsmanship that has come with years of experience and being hands-on builders.  With a team of dedicated tradespeople who have been with Consigli for many years, our carpenters, laborers and masons bring true expertise to our projects and provide us with a knowledge and understanding of construction means and methods that only a hands-on builder could have.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for ways to expedite our process…and projects for our clients.  With a strong construction market and an aging workforce, it can be challenging to find skilled labor to keep up with demand.  The more we can move prefabrication work to controlled environments, the more we’re able to reduce that pressure.

While nothing can replace the skills of our most qualified craftspeople, pairing their experience with today’s technological innovation is a powerful combination. Our staff calls upon an ever-evolving array of technology and techniques to provide clients with a customized approach to each project.

Our project partners at Autodesk recently spoke with Todd McCabe, vice president of project services here at Consigli, and profiled how our team is gradually transitioning towards a more industrialized construction process with an individualized approach: