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Hannah Franklin Joins Consigli as Managing Director Quality

MILFORD, MA – Consigli Construction Co., Inc. has welcomed Hannah Franklin as its Managing Director Quality. Hannah will be responsible for leading and bolstering the corporate Quality Management program and staff, streamlining standard operating procedures, and ensuring consistency across all projects and regional operations. Her role will continue to strengthen and build on the company’s project services offerings while enhancing productivity, safety, and overall business performance.

Hannah has over 15 years of expertise in construction and real estate development operations, quality, and project management, including oversight of new builds topping $500 million. Her background provides a balanced understanding of the industry and its processes, which has equipped her to create data-driven solutions and tangible results.

“Hannah’s passion for continuous improvement is a natural fit for our culture at Consigli,” said Mike Haseltine, Vice President of Field Operations. “Her unique mix of experience and hands-on understanding of the building process will ensure our teams are not only delivering high-quality projects, but also a collaborative, efficient process for our clients and partners.”

In addition to her professional achievements, Hannah holds leadership positions with CMC Workforce and CMC Network, NYC-based non-profits that provide workforce development training to women, underserved populations, previously incarcerated, and homeless individuals.