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Matthew Tonello to Speak on Cross-Laminated and Mass Timber Opportunities for the Northeast Construction Market


PORTLAND, ME– Consigli’s Director of Maine Operations, Matthew Tonello, will speak at next week’s Maine Forest Products Council Annual Meeting, about the growing opportunities for cross-laminated lumber (CLT) in large scale construction, as a valuable—and sustainable—alternative to steel and concrete construction. Initially developed in Europe, CLT, also referred to as “mass timber,” is manufactured laminated panels comprised of smaller 2x or smaller dimensional lumber, fabricated into panels from trees harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Tonello will discuss the economies and challenges of sourcing CLT and explore the potential for mass timber in the New England Market in a panel discussion with other industry experts, “Cross-Laminated Timber Building Opportunities in Maine and New England: A Construction Firm Perspective,” at this September 19th event, hosted at the University of Maine Orono. From the environment to project cost, from project scheduling to site safety, CLT’s growing role in sustainable construction has a lot to offer the built environment, as well as our country’s forest economy.