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Romeo Crennel Joins Consigli’s Board of Directors

MILFORD, MA — Consigli Building Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Romeo Crennel, former NFL coach, to its Board of Directors.

During his two-year term on the Board of Directors, Crennel will work alongside Consigli’s leadership team to establish strategies and goals that will allow the company to grow and thrive for years to come. Crennel has 50 years of experience leading teams at the collegiate and professional levels, including 39 seasons with the NFL’s Patriots, Giants, Jets, Browns, Chiefs, and Texans.

He joins Debra Williams and (Ret.) Colonel Gregory Gadson, each serving their second term on Consigli’s Board of Directors. Debra has 20 years of experience with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) from her time at GreatBanc’s ESOP Client Services group, and Gregory is a 25-year career Army officer and co-founder of CulturePop, a diversity and inclusion intelligence technology built to engage and provide continual learning.

“Romeo’s ability to foster a culture of ownership and teamwork is demonstrated in the success of his coaching career,” said Matthew Consigli, President of Consigli Construction Co., Inc. “We’re thrilled to welcome him and look forward to the contributions he’ll make to our team-oriented culture.”