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T.G. Nickel & Associates to Become Part of Consigli Building Group, Inc.

NEW YORK — Consigli Building Group, Inc. announced today that T.G. Nickel & Associates, a New York City-based construction management company, officially becomes part of Consigli as of July 1. This news comes as the company will be rebranded as Consigli. This was a natural next step for the two firms’ partnership which began six years ago — a decision that aligns well with both companies’ strategic growth plans.

Following this change, T.G. Nickel’s founder Thomas Nickel becomes CEO, New York City Metro Operations and Joseph Chiarelli has been promoted to president of the company’s New York City Metro Operations.

T.G. Nickel & Associates, founded in 1998 by Thomas Nickel, has grown over the past 20 years into a 200-person construction management firm with a solid portfolio in the commercial and residential markets in Long Island and New York City.

Chiarelli has spent the past 30 years working in construction management. He was a co-founder of T.G. Nickel & Associates and served as executive vice president and director of operations, playing a critical role in transforming T.G. Nickel & Associates from a small, Long Island-based construction firm to a preeminent New York builder recognized in Crain’s Top 100 Places to Work in NYC.

“I could not be prouder to have Joe by my side leading the helm as we take our long-term partnership with Consigli to the next level and becoming part of the Consigli brand here in New York City,” said Thomas Nickel, CEO of New York City Metro Operations. “This opportunity provides for growth and fosters the best resources and benefits for our clients and people.”

“This is an important milestone for our company and we are thrilled to have Joe leading operations in New York City,” said Anthony Consigli, CEO of Consigli Construction Co., Inc., “Bringing T.G. Nickel into the fold of the Consigli brand will join together two firms and allow the opportunity for us to expand our reach and approach with a collaborative mindset.”

The partnership between these two firms provided T.G. Nickel with the technical and financial resources of a larger $1.6 billion company and the talent bandwidth of over 1,000 employees. As a result of this acquisition, the firm’s work in New York City will diversify into other markets such as healthcare, academic, institutional and corporate interiors.