AbbVie Bioresearch Corporation

Biologics Generation Lab

Project at a Glance

Worcester, MA


DPS Engineering

Project Type


Project Overview

  • Managing construction activities adjacent to active laboratories
  • Coordination of M/E/P shutdowns and demolition within an active facility
  • Installation of owner-furnished equipment and finishes including autoclaves, centrifuge and lab gases

AbbVie’s Biologics Generation Lab is the result of the renovation to Lab 3129, a 1,350 sq. ft. research space located within an active research environment. The existing space was demolished including all ceilings, walls and flooring. New, mobile lab casework was installed, along with updated flooring, walls, ceilings and M/E/P systems. The adjacent existing Dark Room 3126 and existing Office 3127 were renovated to a new Bullpen and Huddle Room to support the new Biologics Generation Lab users.

All construction activities were managed within this active laboratory research and manufacturing environment, requiring stringent coordination, communication and safety measures to avoid interruptions to occupant activities. The construction zone was located adjacent to active laboratories, requiring a detailed indoor air quality plan and procedures to control particle transfer between construction and non-construction zones.