Boston Symphony Orchestra

Tanglewood Music Center / Tanglewood Learning Institute

Project at a Glance

Lenox & Stockbridge, MA


William Rawn Associates

Project Type

New Construction

Project Overview

  • Transformation of a summer-only concert venue into a year-round, world-class rehearsal, performance and hospitality destination
  • Creative, fast-track scheduling to ensure the buildings are enclosed prior to the 2018 summer concert season, thereby preserving the guest and musician experience while work continues on the interior
  • State-of-the-art A/V, acoustics and HVAC systems paired with sound and vibration isolation treatments to create separation between performance and practice areas

Each summer, Tanglewood, the popular music destination in Massachusetts’ Berkshire Hills, welcomes upwards of 330,000 patrons. With the goal of creating a year-round venue, the BSO will expand its campus with four new buildings, allowing Tanglewood to enhance its cultural and educational offerings, improve practice and performance space and increase audience engagement.

The interconnected complex will include a 200-seat, multi-purpose studio for rehearsals, lectures and events, a 150-seat café building with servery and kitchen designed to encourage interaction between musicians and guests, and a curved covered walkway connecting two additional learning/practice studios. The facility will host space dedicated to the Tanglewood Music Center, a prestigious summer academy, and the Tanglewood Learning Institute, a popular lecture and adult education program. The project will also incorporate an updated campus horticultural plan, which will require a new irrigation system, preservation of a historic oak tree and the planting of over 144 new trees and shrubs to provide shade for concert-goers.

These signature facilities will feature world-class acoustics, high-end HVAC systems, sound and vibration isolation treatments, intricate millwork and a wood and curtain wall façade. Our team will fast-track early construction to ensure the building is enclosed by the start of Tanglewood’s 2018 summer season, which cannot be interrupted. The only work permitted to occur during the festival months will be on the interior of the new facilities; a strict delivery schedule will be maintained and work will be closely monitored to ensure the Tanglewood experience is maintained throughout construction. The new complex will target LEED Gold certification.