The Trustees of Reservations

Castle Hill Crane Estate Casino Restoration

Project at a Glance

Ipswich, MA


Epstein Joslin Architects

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Consigli never ceases to amaze me with your professionalism and creative thinking to solve the unanticipated. It is reassuring that we have the right people on the job.

Bob Murray

Superintendent, The Trustees of Reservations

Project Overview

  • Performed “archaeological” excavation to expose the original character
  • Removal and cleaning of features to be set back in original location
  • Replacing old materials with new while matching historic colors and finishes

Built in the early 1900s, the Casino at the Crane Estate was in need of restoration to preserve its historic charm. Our team was chosen to perform “archaeological” excavation to the exposed original existing features. The scope of work included filling an existing pool with soil and new landscaping, while installing drainage, water services and irrigation.

Our skilled masons’ attention to detail ensured the new concrete paver bands, steps, structural walls, marble edging and pavers matched the historic colors and finishes, just as when the Casino was first built. In addition, new architectural precast balustrade rail systems were installed and exposed granite, footings and utilities were removed, cleaned and reset in their original locations.