Corporate Headquarters

Project at a Glance

Portland, ME


Harriman Associates

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Project Overview

  • Creating a new central atrium in a historic building that was not originally designed to support one
  • Planning and managing the project around the demands of a fast-track schedule and fixed budget
  • Working on a site adjacent to occupied retail buildings

The 110 Free Street building was originally built in the 1940s and 1950s as a retail space for Sears & Roebuck. After 10 years of vacancy, it has been converted into a modern office that serves as a centralized corporate headquarters for MaineHealth, a leading regional network of healthcare providers and other organizations. While several elements of the original building were preserved and restored, the main focus of the renovation was to remove the central core of the building to create a new atrium that allows in much more natural light while creating new architectural interest. The building required significant structural modifications to support the new atrium, including removing sections of the original slab.

The project was driven by a fixed budget and a fast-track schedule. Our team managed an intensive pre-construction phase, working with the design team from Harriman Associates to design and build the project to MaineHealth’s fixed budget.