Town of Holbrook

Pre-K12 School Energy Optimization

Project at a Glance

Holbrook, MA


Flansburgh Architects

Project Type

New Construction

Project Overview

  • Utilization of the SkySpark platform for ongoing data collection, providing data for Holbrook’s building operators to identify potential issues, reduced downtime and operational saving opportunities
  • Post-construction support through a three-year Building Analytics Solution partnership
  • 7% decrease in gas consumption after the first year of operation

In order to update and improve their existing schools, the Town of Holbrook embarked upon the construction of a new 217,353 sq. ft. Pre K-12 school. The new school consolidated three aging buildings into one, with separate wings for grades Pre K-5 and 6-12. After the first year of the new building’s operation, Consigli offered Holbrook a three-year Building Analytics Solution to proactively identify and methodically address potential issues as the school’s facilities staff adjusted to the updated building management systems. With the support of the SkySpark platform’s ongoing data collection, Holbrook’s building operators were able to analyze data from smart devices, meters and equipment systems to identify potential issues, reduced downtime and operational saving opportunities.

Using SkyFoundry and its SkySpark platform, Holbrook now has the ability to monitor equipment health, comfort and energy, as well as identify equipment that may not be operating as commissioned. Although the building was performing below the modeled baseline after one year of operation with an Energy Star score of 76, the team has a goal of increasing this score to 85 through the ongoing commissioning process.