Wadsworth Atheneum

Project: Museum of Art Restoration
Location: Hartford, CT
Architect: SmithEdwards Architects

The oldest public art museum in the country, the Wadsworth Atheneum is on the National Register of Historic Places and represents striking examples of Gothic, Tudor and Renaissance Revival and Modernist architecture. Consigli is implementing the Wadsworth’s five-year renovation plan—from restoring the masonry envelopes for the museum’s five buildings, modernizing museum systems, building new state-of-the art storage for 50,000 piece collection, to renovating galleries and replacing windows, skylights and roofs.

  • Comprehensive 178,000 sq. ft. renovation, recapturing 8,000 sq. ft. of renovated
    gallery space
  • Complex logistical planning for work in occupied museum in concert with high
    security requirements
  • Complete envelope restoration including roof, parapet, skylight, masonry repairs and new waterproofing
  • Extensive HVAC upgrades, gallery restoration, plaster repairs, new art storage facilities