Harvard University

Newell & Weld Boathouses

Project at a Glance

Boston, MA

Project Type


Project Overview

  • Most significant renovation to the boathouses since initial construction
  • Historic façade preservation and restoration performed by Riggs
  • Facility remains operational and accessible to athletes throughout renovation process

Consigli is currently renovating Harvard University’s Newell and Weld boathouses. The renovation is the most significant update to the buildings since their original construction over a century ago. Interior renovations include new training facilities, locker and toilet rooms, and accessibility improvements. Exterior renovations include the repair and restoration of the building envelope, new roof, refurbishment of existing windows and select stucco/brick repairs, accessibility improvements and the replacement of docks and ramps at the Newell Boathouse.

The prominent location of both facilities presents multiple challenges including significant waterfront and over-water demolition and rebuilding, and highly trafficked roads. Consigli has worked closely with Harvard to ensure that the facilities remain open to athletes throughout the renovation process and the river is unobstructed.