Equity Residential

The Towers at Longfellow Apartments

Project at a Glance

Boston, MA


Elkus | Manfredi Architects

Project Type


Project Overview

  • Scheduled work to operate within an occupied residential and
    commercial complex
  • Coordination of challenging site renovations with high-end materials
  • Removed failed waterproofing systems and replaced with new overlay to pool, located on deck above commercial space

The Towers at Longfellow Apartments boasts an exceptional location; however, the building exteriors were in need of upgrades. Working with the design team of Elkus | Manfredi, we managed the phased renovations and amenities upgrades to the exterior of this popular apartment complex. Given the building’s location on busy Staniford Street, careful coordination was necessary to work around the urban environment. Since most of the residential units and commercial spaces in the building were occupied during construction, highly disruptive work was carefully mitigated and scheduled during hours when building occupancy was at its lowest.

Phased portions of the project included major upgrades to the pool and waterproofing systems. The first phase included renovations to the pool, pool house and pool deck, which are all located directly above ground-level commercial space. The second phase involved the removal of all failing waterproofing systems and the installation of new air vapor barriers. Our in-house craftspeople self-performed all demolition, concrete, drywall and framing work.