Related Beal, LLC

Project: 131 Beverly at Lovejoy Wharf
Location: Lovejoy Wharf/North Station, Boston, MA
Architect: ADD Inc.

The rejuvenation of Lovejoy Wharf, through Related Beal’s mixed-use redevelopment, is bringing this corner of Boston’s waterfront back to life.

Adjacent to the North End, North Station and the Zakim Bridge, the new 131 Beverly Street high-rise residential building, now in construction, joins the adjacent Schrafft Warehouse building, developed as the new Converse headquarters. Built on an underwater caisson foundation system, the 250,000 sq. ft. cast-in-place residential building features a 17-story tower and includes 162 condominiums, residential amenities, retail shops and a ground-floor Visitor Center. The redeveloped wharf creates a new public connection to the waterfront with three-quarters of an acre of landscaped open space; notably this is the first Boston residential project of this scale to be built without parking.

  • Development of construction logistics in response to heavily used waterfront site, adjacent to North Station and TD Garden
  • Construction of caisson foundation system in ocean floor beneath wharf
  • Management of permitting process with the City of Boston